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Incomplete Strangers

Never entirely strangers and never complete beings, we are “incomplete strangers,” say these poems, probing our experience of incompleteness as well as our experience of ourselves as the infallible that makes the fallible make sense, probing our desire for perfection and the temporariness that everything proves, even our gods and our language.



The Body & the Day

The Body & the Day is a lyric narrative meditation on how the mind engages with and becomes the world, and the world in turn becomes mind. . . . Here are recollections of early love, of married love, of friendship and of cultural and philosophical differences discovered, examined, and ultimately accepted.”

–Carolyne Wright

Second Messengers

These are fluid, meditative poems, personal in their memories and reflections on the sensuous experience of love, on the pain of distance, absence, loss. In poetry both complex and satisfying, Second Messengers explores the relationship of language to subject, of the intellect to the personal. The language here multiplies meanings, seeks a sense of metamorphosis.